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'Flowering' or 'Display' Tea

'Flowering' or 'Display' Tea

This a range of very beautiful and unique products which are sculpted from tender, green or black tea shoots to resemble things such as flowers, shells and fruits. They were created originally as a tribute to the great mountains where the tea gardens are found and made with great skill and care by hand. They often contain real dried flowers that reveal themselves dramatically and gracefully when infused. As well as the usual health benefits associated with green and white tea the added flowers also add extra health benefits. Of course they also make the most delightful and unusual gifts. They are also known as 'Blooming', 'Artistic' and 'Display' teas. Ours are made using the highest grade of of silvery buds although many inferior grades are also available. 

As these teas are supplied in pieces the supplied weight will be approximate.

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  1. 'Flowers in the Sun' Bu Bu Gao Shen

    'Flowers in the Sun' Bu Bu Gao Shen

    Three pot Marigolds floating up as if to the sun, enfolded by tender green tea leaves that elegantly unfurl to reveal the blooming flower inside. These artist made teas require great skill and patience to create. Ours use the finest green tea buds which are scented with Jasmine Blossoms to guarantee a wonderful flavour. Make in a wine glass or our ‘Flowering’ teapot. Each piece can be brewed 4-6 times or used once in a three pint tea pot. Please note that as each piece is hand made, weights differ making an accurate 100g measurement impossible. Therefore the price indicated is reflective of pieces rather than weight. There are approximately 12 pieces to 100g.

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    £15.00 per 100g

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  2. Love Dedication Flowering Tea

    Love Dedication Flowering Tea

    This flowering tea is composed of a lovely lily, a thousand day flower and a jasmine blossom contained in the shape of a heart.

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    £16.00 per 100g

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