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Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea

One of the most well known Chinese teas, the best of which comes from the Fujian Province. During what can be an almost week long production in the finest varieties, the tea leaves are layered with jasmine blossoms, which open up at night to permeate the tea with their perfume. The higher the quality the more times this is repeated, with more care taken to remove the blossom from the finished tea. The tea can be brewed several times in off the boil water and is an aid to digestion, which is why it is served as an accompaniment to food in Chinese restaurants. Our range includes the finest classic type, Yin Hao and an array of unusual and rare specialities such as Pear Bombs. They should all be taken without milk.

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  1. Jasmine Yin Hao

    Jasmine Yin Hao

    The best grade of Jasmine tea available, grown in an area of outstanding natural beauty in Fujian. A very delicate leaf that gives an exquisite infusion.

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    £12.00 per 100g

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  2. Jasmine Chung Hao

    Jasmine Chung Hao

    A very high quality, well made, lightly oxidised green tea leaf that takes on the rich fragrance of the Jasmine blossom that is painstakingly picked out after yielding its perfume.

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    £8.00 per 100g

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  3. Jasmine Monkey King

    Jasmine Monkey King

    Our most economical yet far from ordinary offer. This tea ranks at number five in the hundreds of Jasmine teas available.Made in the traditional way by layering lightly oxidised green tea with Jasmine Blossoms. The higher the grade, the more times this is done with freshly picked blossoms. The process is done over night as the blossoms open then to release their characteristic fragrance. Perhaps surprisingly, the higher grades also show fewer blossoms in the finished product.

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    £5.50 per 100g

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  4. Super Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

    Super Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

    This is the finest grade of this popular hand rolled tea. Each kilogram in weight is made up of 14,000 pearls. Just eight will make a half pint of tea and you can use the same leaves again for at least another brew. If you do the maths you'll find it works out at just six pence a cup for one of the finest and rarest teas in the world! The tea buds that make this tea are hand picked in gardens found among the chains of mountains, hidden in mist close to the Fujian border with Jiangxi. Each leaf is skillfully hand rolled into a tiny pearl size ball. The tea is then wrapped in silk mesh and carefully dried.

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  5. Jasmine Snow Monkey

    Jasmine Snow Monkey

    This tea is made with high quality hand made white tea known as White Monkey. Its mellow quality is enhanced by the sweet, fragrant character of Jasmine Blossom. We requested that some blossoms were left in to add to the lovely appearance of this tea.

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    £13.00 per 100g As low as: £9.00

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  6. Jasmine Oolong

    Jasmine Oolong

    A high quality Tie Guan Yin Jade Oolong from Fujian scented with night blooming Jasmine Blossom. A heady mix of sweet, rich fragrance and flavour. Oolong or 'Wu Long' teas are partly oxidised teas, which yield smooth, creamy liquors.

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    £12.00 per 100g

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  7. Jasmine Black Tea

    Jasmine Black Tea

    A fine Chinese black tea scented with Jasmine Blossoms in the same way as the more widely known green tea. The blossoms are layered between black tea at night as they open, a process that is repeated several times. The blossoms are then meticulously removed as with the top grade Jasmine Green teas. Learn More
    £5.00 per 100g

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