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First Flush Darjeeling Tea

First Flush Darjeeling Tea | Imperial Teas

First flush teas, which are plucked between March and May, have a flowery character giving a refreshing cup with a complex flavour and beautiful floral aroma that in the finest qualities has a fragrance of fresh blackcurrants on the bush. It is a distinctive and rare character that belongs exclusively to the best of the new season invoices. The new shoots in this tea have a satin silvery grey appearance. The deceptively light colour from lime yellow to copper belies the intense, powerful flavour and stimulating infusion that shows great variety from garden to garden. It makes a delightful afternoon tea. Amongst this selection you will find some of the best tea from anywhere in the world. Oddly, the better these teas are the more difficult they are to brew! I recommend the use of an infuser or infuser teapot to take the leaves out at two minutes infusion time. This preserves the desired bright, lively character and pleasant astringency. Too long and these teas can really bite back. The more intense types benefit from using just off the boil water too. They are best appreciated without milk although a longer brewing time will yield sufficient colour to take a splash. If you want to enjoy it Indian style try it with a lump of sugar.

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  1. Darjeeling Blue Sky

    Darjeeling Blue Sky

    From gardens situated in the shadow of the the mighty Kanchenjunga, an area producing the most excellent teas. This blend of pure Darjeeling is reminiscent of Tumsong style teas in its exceptionally complex flavour. It reminds me of blackcurrant bushes and muscatel wine, the flavour complemented by the appearance of the beautiful hand twisted leaf. Learn More
    £15.00 per 100g As low as: £8.25

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  2. Darjeeling Puttabong Silver Sun DJ 4

    Darjeeling Puttabong Silver Sun DJ 4

    This is the second of just the two completely handmade teas of the season, of which we have both. This tea has a golden-yellow infusion and is highly aromatic, even in the dry leaf state. It has a smooth, complex floral character with a fresh baked biscuit quality. The lively infusion sparkles and bursts with flavour in the mouth at once sweet, vanilla like and floral. Both fruit, particularly apple, and almond can be picked out. It has a mild astringency that leaves the tongue with a sweet aftertaste. All in all like a welcome burst of gentle Spring sunshine. Puttabong consistently produces the highest qualities with distinctive character. Learn More
    £20.00 per 100g As low as: £6.50

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  3. Darjeeling Turzum Mountain Mystic DJ3

    Darjeeling Turzum Mountain Mystic DJ3

    In my opinion the best garden in Darjeeling, with their second flush 'Muscatel Dream' among the best teas in the world. The fresh, grapefruit like zesty aroma is balanced with muscatel grape and hint of something almost cinnamon like. The pale yellow yet rich liquor sits like a satisfying white wine on the tongue, with a layered palette of exotic fruit flavours, such as guava and nectarine and with the characteristic First Flush oil of wintergreen freshness. Learn More
    £13.00 per 100g As low as: £1.50

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  4. Darjeeling House of Green Leaves

    Darjeeling House of Green Leaves

    The liquor is light, clear and fresh green on the palate with notes of citrus and peach. Blended to resemble the character of Glenburn teas. Learn More
    £18.00 per 100g As low as: £8.25

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  5. Darjeeling Shiva Supreme

    Darjeeling Shiva Supreme

    This superb First Flush was made exclusively from 'Clonal' bushes. Clonal teas have a very distinctive fragrance which mingles floral notes with the fruity ones. Hints of linalool type plants, laurel, mints, rosewood, basil, lavender create a spicy effect when merging with the note of geranium. The infusion is rich for a first flush tea with cooked fruit, apple and spice most noticeable. These hints are more pronounced when sugar is added, the way Darjeeling is drunk at source. Blended to offer a character similar to that found in teas from the Thurbo Garden. Learn More
    £27.00 per 100g As low as: £8.25

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  6. Darjeeling Singbulli Silk

    Darjeeling Singbulli Silk

    This is the one of the best First Flush teas of the season, particularly in the Chinese leaf category. It was from an early invoice of the year and not even knowing what may have come later in the season, I knew I was unlikely to taste anything better. As good, perhaps, but not better. As things turned out I was right, so I am glad I made the early commitment to buy it! It is a beautifully prepared leaf with lots of silvery, silky buds in the mix. The infusion is a lovely, bright yellow with a fresh aroma. The flavour and aroma is a complex one that carries hints of herbal and flowery characteristics. Learn More
    £11.00 per 100g As low as: £4.25

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  7. Darjeeling Rolling Clouds

    Darjeeling Rolling Clouds

    This wonderful example is lemony in colour and yields a light, refreshing infusion with a gentle bite. It is picked from slow growing bushes growing at altitudes up to 8000ft above sea level which is a crucial part, along with impeccable manufacturing, in creating a tea full of nuances. Its fragrance of fresh green apples and blackcurrant blossom is finely balanced by the soft liquor reminiscent of apricots. Learn More
    £12.00 per 100g As low as: £8.25

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  8. Darjeeling Emerald Heart

    Darjeeling Emerald Heart

    The silver tipped leaves yield a fragrant cup with subtle hints of muscatel and walnut. Blended to create a Bannockburn garden type character. Learn More
    £22.00 per 100g As low as: £6.50

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  9. Darjeeling Euphoria

    Darjeeling Euphoria

    A flavoursome tea with hints of flowers, green almonds and even subtle 'Muscatel' notes. Blended to taste like Margaret's Hope garden style teas. Learn More
    £13.00 per 100g As low as: £8.25

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