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Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

Second Flush Darjeeling Tea

The best of these teas are picked with the bushes in full sap during a short four week period in late June and early July. The famous "muscatel" character is truly in evidence then and the outstanding qualities have a wonderful appearance, rounded, fruity, mellow summer flavours and reddish infusion. They are highly aromatic with complex spicy notes. They are more full bodied than first flush teas but are still best enjoyed without milk and especially delicious with a lump of sugar in the Indian style. The two leaves and a bud are hand picked for the best tea which will release a flavour bursting with the summer sun and refreshing warm summer rains. This flavour is variously described as being reminiscent of muscatel grapes and with a fragrance like a rose garden in bloom or the sweet scent of peach skin. The real 'muscatel' character whilst hinted at in most second flush teas is truly overwhelming in some. The leaves are succulent with an almost purplish bloom and whitish buds. When infused the leaves have a lovely burnished copper hue. This flush produces some of the most remarkable teas in the world and I would recommend trying, at least once, one of our sample packs of the top of the range teas on offer.

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  1. Darjeeling Leopard's Valley Muscatel

    Darjeeling Leopard's Valley Muscatel

    This rich liquoring infusion yields the classic 'muscatel' character with hints of almond or walnut depending on infusion time. The aroma has hints of peach and floral notes. All this and with a delightful honey finish. Blended to taste like the summer teas from Jungian and Turzum gardens.\ Learn More
    £10.00 per 100g As low as: £3.15

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  2. Darjeeling Naturally Decaffeinated

    Darjeeling Naturally Decaffeinated

    This naturally decaffeinated Darjeeling has a mild, flowery flavour with a light copper coloured cup. Learn More
    £6.90 per 100g

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  3. Darjeeling Puttabong Eagle's Hide Muscatel

    Darjeeling Puttabong Eagle's Hide Muscatel

    With all the complexity of the finest second flush character and an almost rose scented quality to the prominent muscat flavour, it is a tea to be relished. The leaves have a delightful appearance and show the care taken in production. These bushes grow at over 6000ft and the cold to temperate climate, shifting between fog and sunshine reduces the growing speed of the tea plants to guarantee an extremely high quality tea. Learn More
    £7.00 per 100g

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  4. Darjeeling Castleton Divine Muscatel

    Darjeeling Castleton Divine Muscatel

    A delicious tea bursting with 'Muscatel' perfume and flavour from this famous garden's second flush. Castleton situated in the Kurseong Valley is one of the most revered gardens in Darjeeling and is bought at great prices by Japanese merchants for its name alone. Learn More
    £12.00 per 100g As low as: £7.15

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  5. Darjeeling Turzum Muscatel Dream

    Darjeeling Turzum Muscatel Dream

    This top 'Muscatel' tea, so called for its resemblance to the fragrance of the wine, is created by the skilled manufacture of the select leaves, bitten by little insects. This causes the leaf to release an enzyme in order to repair itself, which imparts a delicious and distinctive flavour to the tea. It has a honey fragrance and warm spicy flavours that linger in the mouth and change with each sip. It is as close in complexity as Darjeeling has come to the famous Oriental Beauty teas of Taiwan. It is the best Darjeeling I have ever tasted. It is one of the most beautiful tea gardens in Darjeeling, facing the wide open Mirik valley on south and south western aspects with a mesmerizing view. Learn More
    £19.00 per 100g As low as: £7.50

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  6. Darjeeling Happy Valley

    Darjeeling Happy Valley

    A highly aromatic tea with a full bodied, shiny looking infusion. Happy Valley is the closest garden to Darjeeling Town and starts from an altitude of 6,300 feet! Owing to its high perch, the garden can fully utilise the mountain mist, which has a great effect on the pollen of the plants. It gives Darjeeling tea the aroma it is famous for. Learn More
    £7.50 per 100g

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  7. Darjeeling Ting Ling Summer Rose

    Darjeeling Ting Ling Summer Rose

    An 'oolong' style tea, which means part oxidised, to rival some of Taiwan's famous 'Oriental Beauty' teas. It has such a complex, astounding, rich, ripe fragrance that I'm afraid I cannot describe well enough to do it justice but I have noticed nuances of honey, vanilla, peach, orange, musk rose, nectarine, quince, lichee among many others. Ting Ling is a small part of the renowned Singbulli garden and grows the rare, but best clonal tea bush variety known as AV2. This clone produces the best tasting Darjeeling but will only grow in a small number of places there. Learn More
    £22.00 per 100g As low as: £8.00

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  8. Darjeeling Avongrove

    Darjeeling Avongrove

    This is a really great tea and excellent value for money. It has a classic second flush character with warm, mellow fruit and flower tones but with a lovely, clear hint of 'Muscatel'. Learn More
    £8.70 per 100g

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  9. Darjeeling Singbulli Flowery Musk

    Darjeeling Singbulli Flowery Musk

    Singbulli produces some of the greatest Darjeeling teas and this more everyday offering is a great introduction to the character of second flush tea at a very modest price. Mild, floral, with a grape and honey finish.

    Learn More
    £9.50 per 100g

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