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Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea, buy tea online, high quality tea | Imperial Teas

There are many legends and myths surrounding the origin of this famous tea and as many original recipes! One thing is certain it is a blend of tea and oil of bergamot. Ah, but which tea!? We think we've got most of them covered and to keep things interesting we add other oils and flowers to some, for variations on a theme. To make matters more confusing which bergamot oil? Most manufacturers don't even use the real thing, opting for an artificial variation. Rest assured we use only the best quality cold pressed oil produced, whichever one you choose. So, even if you only drink Earl Grey we think we can keep you interested for a while! Unless stated all teas can be taken with or without milk.

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  1. Earl Grey China Moon

    Earl Grey China Moon

    This is Imperial Teas of Lincoln best selling, secret blend for a good reason. Made freshly in the shop without compromising our choice of ingredients to create a fragrant, rich, strong and unique infusion. Enjoyable with or without milk. Learn More
    £6.00 per 100g

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  2. Citrus Tea of Life White Tea

    Citrus Tea of Life White Tea

    This effervescent blend dances on the palate. Ideal for sunny breakfast times. Tea of Life's wild appearance and many colours are due to the simple, sun drying process it undergoes. It makes it a really difficult tea to flavour and pack! The real lemon and bergamot oils add a zesty, thirst quenching quality to the mild, sweetness of the tea with orange peel, mallow, lemon grass and cornflower adding a visual appeal.

    Learn More
    £10.50 per 100g

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  3. Earl Grey Celeste

    Earl Grey Celeste

    Sumptuous, almost overwhelming liquor that revitalises and lifts the spirit. The base tea is a fine black tea from China which has natural hints of malt and raspberries.

    Learn More
    £15.00 per 100g As low as: £8.00

    Earn 15 loyalty points.

  4. Earl Grey Lavender

    Earl Grey Lavender

    Lavender flowers blended with our classic Earl Grey China Moon, which is loaded with top grade oil of bergamot. This is very fragrant, relaxing and full of lavender flowers. Learn More
    £6.50 per 100g

    Earn 7 loyalty points.

  5. Earl Grey Sunburst TM

    Earl Grey Sunburst TM

    This tasty and fragrant blend made with oil of orange and top bergamot oil has been one of our best selling teas since we opened in 1991. There have even been some flattering attempts at copying it. The big difference is that ours is made with a quality black tea and real flavoring. If you enjoy Lady Grey you will fall in love with this.

    Learn More
    £5.50 per 100g

    Earn 6 loyalty points.

  6. Earl Grey Black Tiger

    Earl Grey Black Tiger

    This is a truly luxurious variation of the classic blend using Keemun Gold Buds as the base. This is a very rare black tea from China, the total crop is only 400kgs, that has a delicious malty character and very smooth body. We add the very best natural oil of bergamot and beautiful red safflower petals to complement the quality of the tea. It is delightful with or without milk. Learn More
    £11.00 per 100g

    Earn 11 loyalty points.

  7. Earl Grey Gold

    Earl Grey Gold

    Luscious infusion made from golden buds tea and fresh bergamot. Depending how long you brew this tea, it makes a delicious and intense breakfast Earl Grey or a light infusion to be savoured Chinese style. Learn More
    £16.00 per 100g As low as: £7.50

    Earn 16 loyalty points.

  8. Earl Grey Decaffeinated

    Earl Grey Decaffeinated

    The blend of high quality, naturally decaffeinated Ceylon tea and the best bergamot oil makes this hard to distinguish from the real thing. In fact it tastes a lot better than the standard of Earl Grey you'll find in the supermarket. Learn More
    £7.00 per 100g

    Earn 7 loyalty points.

  9. Earl Grey Green Gunpowder

    Earl Grey Green Gunpowder

    The robust green tea flavour is balanced by the pure bergamot oil. Learn More
    £5.00 per 100g

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