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New Year's Resolutions

The first few months of winter into early spring sees a surge of interest in 'Green' tea or 'Gam Fei Cha Pu Erh' tea, Victoria Beckham's favourite weight loss tipple. After joining the gym I think drinking 'healthy' tea must be second on the list of resolutions!


We are perhaps looking for a quick fix and whoever got green tea out there into the national psyche as a 'detox' drink did a wonderful job! As thoughts turn to losing the extra pounds joyfully gained at Christmas to fit into new clothes, (very often wedding dresses!), or detoxing the system, people remember reading the weekly reports extolling the many virtues of green tea and turn over the proverbial new leaf! Now, whilst there is a general consensus that tea is full of very potent substances, drinking anything for a few weeks is unlikely to offer the miracle cure we'd all love to see. My advise to anyone asking about green tea is reserved to describing the pleasure of drinking it! When you buy a high quality tea of any kind, not the bitter, musty, brown looking drink you get from brewing the fragments of leaves found in tea bags, you will be surprised at the fresh, sweetish mellow nature of the infusion. You will want to drink it for the flavour, and unlike the gym subscription, you will want to carry it on, drinking it for the whole year! Nor are the alleged health benefits restricted to green tea, with 'Oolong' and 'Black' teas of high quality also believed to be beneficial. Some benefits cross over through the types with others found only in one variety. Delightfully, this means that all of the varied flavours need to be enjoyed whilst allegedly boosting your health, making you lose weight etc. So during the winter, enjoy a rich, malty, heartwarming black tea from China or India and embrace the fresh, invigorating flavours that the new teas from Darjeeling and China will bring in the Spring. The sumptuous teas of Taiwan and 'White' teas from China offer a light, cooling drink for that perfect summer day, keeping the blushing bride looking beautiful and radiant in that perfectly fitted dress!

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