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Medium Roasted Coffee

Medium roasted coffee, Blue Mountain coffee | Imperial Teas

We roast all of our coffees in the shop, which allows us to bring out the individual characteristics of each type on offer by varying the length of the roast. Medium roast, which covers a spectrum of colours, allows the best balance to be found between body, aroma and fruity acidity. The characteristics of the world's best arabicas. Whilst these coffees exhibit great differences in body, flavour and aroma they are typically known as 'mild' coffees. For those that like a stronger style of coffee please see our selection of darker roasted coffees. 

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  1. Rwanda Gorilla Mountain Coffee

    Rwanda Gorilla Mountain Coffee

    As with other fine African coffees, the coffee taster’s lexicon is put to good use in describing the character. Notes of blackberry, baking spices, caramel, cranberry, raisins, berries, citrus, cream, lemon, strawberry, grapefruit, floral, cherry, vanilla, caramel, tangy orange, berry jam, lavender, honey, sweet black cherry and figs are described. Rwandan coffee is not mass produced as we know it in the west. It is known as the land of a thousand hills. Many farmers grow their produce on hillsides and within lush, untamed valleys on very smallholdings. Learn More
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  2. Panama Valley of the Moon Coffee

    Panama Valley of the Moon Coffee

    This is produced on the Donna Antonia estate in the world famous Boquete region of Panama. Cupping notes include berry, papaya, soft citrus, bergamot, orange peel, vanilla, jasmine, cream, papaya, caramel, toasted almonds, sweet aftertaste. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster. Learn More
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  3. Natural Mountain Water Decaf Coffee Light

    Natural Mountain Water Decaf Coffee Light

    If you give this coffee to someone without telling them it’s decaffeinated-coffee you will always be greeted with the same look of astonishment when they find out! Firstly because we apply the same criteria for excellence to the coffee we choose to decaffeinate as we do to all of our Grand Cru coffees. Expect flavours of chocolate, biscuit, peach, apricots, lemon, butter, vanilla, mandarin, citrus, red apple, pear and caramel. Secondly, the method of decaffeination is designed to remove only the caffeine and not the precious flavour compounds that give coffee its character. The natural Mountain Water Process method uses clear, pure water from the glaciers of the Pico de Orizaba Mountain to float the coffee oils and caffeine in a solution. Learn More
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  4. Brazilian Jacu Bird Coffee

    Brazilian Jacu Bird Coffee

    One of the rarest coffees in the world, Jacu gets its name from the native South American bird. The Jacu have an excellent eye for selecting the ripest berries to consume, passing over those considered perfectly ripe by the human eye! Their herbivore diet and fast digestion help to further develop the exquisite flavour that bio-dynamically farmed Camocin estate coffees are already renowned for. The aroma has a nutty sweetness with a flavour of molasses, notes of black pepper, macadamia and nuances of sweet aniseed. Henrique Sloper, third-generation owner and farmer is understandably proud of this fruitful interaction between wildlife and farming and says “rather than thinking of the Jacu as a pest, eating our finest coffee cherries, we saw the opportunity to employ the Jacu as one of our most effective coffee pickers.” Learn More
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  5. Sumatran Kopi Luwak Coffee

    Sumatran Kopi Luwak Coffee

    This is one of the rarest coffees in the world and is certified 100% wild Kopi Luwak coffee. Our supplier uses an accredited certification standard for wild, ethically-sourced Kopi Luwak in consultation with leading proponents of animal welfare, the World Animal Protection organization and food-certification experts. This rare coffee is selected and partially processed by a civet. In actual fact, the civet eats the ripe cherries from bushes growing wild in the rainforest where its digestive juices do the job of removing the fruit from the pulp and silver skin that surrounds the coffee bean. It has a full, heavy almost syrupy body, low acidity, with notes of chocolate, caramel, molasses, hazelnut, fig and dates. It is very, very smooth. Learn More
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  6. Brazilian Ipanema Espirito de Sol Coffee

    Brazilian Ipanema Espirito de Sol Coffee

    This is a coffee of great complexity, with cupping notes observed by SCAA cuppers that included: great body, zest, almond, walnut, honey, caramel, sweet citrus, star fruit, floral aromas and chocolate. We buy these small 'lots' from an estate that engages in practices that exemplifies all that is meant by the term speciality coffee. This current batch is made on the Fazenda Rio Verde farm on the Ipanema estate. This unique lot is processed using the 'natural' sun-dried method, although they also produce fine coffee by the 'wet' method too. Sun drying ensures the sweetest flavours. Roasted to perfection for a filter or cafetiere it also offers a smooth espresso. It can be blended with our 'espresso' roast version of this coffee 'Espresso de Sol' to add nuance and for personalising your perfect espresso blend. One thing very few people argue with is that you have the best coffee for making espresso in the world however you blend it. Artisan roasted in our 2kg micro-coffee roaster. The farm is situated in the Mantiqueira Mountains. It is translated as the Crying Mountains. Learn More
    From £7.00

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  7. Panama Geisha Esmerelda Coffee

    Panama Geisha Esmerelda Coffee

    La Esmerelda farm on the slopes of Volcan Baru in Panama produces what is currently the most sought-after coffee in the world. Grown on a rare varietal known as Geisha, it has come to represent the pinnacle of coffee flavour. We are pleased to have purchased a micro-lot from the Jaramillo section of the farm. It is also one of the most expensive coffees in the world, a value based on its unique character and low yield. The air in Jaramillo is a high up in the mountains kind of wet and cold, surprisingly perfect for making the pronounced bergamot and jasmine aromatics of the Geisha variety sing. Notes of berry, citrus, mango, papaya, peach, pineapple, guava, honey, raspberry, apricot and mandarin are also described. The farm jumps up from rolling hills on its lower part to steep 40 degree inclines higher up, making harvesting a manual and challenging affair. It is these high altitudes that really make the Geisha’s bright, floral aromatics express themselves. With cooler temperatures and massive shade trees that have been standing for ages, it turns out that Jaramillo is the perfect place for this variety to have landed. To this day many of the top performing micro lots of Geisha coffee come from little patches on the slopes of Jaramillo. The Geisha plant has elegant, elongated leaves, cherries and beans making them hard to mistake. Learn More
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  8. Galapagos Cristobal Island Coffee

    Galapagos Cristobal Island Coffee

    The San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Archipelago of Ecuador produces an exotic, high-quality organic coffee bean. In the cup, its unusual origin is more than matched by its sweet flavour, with its intense, sweet aroma, nice round body, well balanced, orange acidity, delicate cup, which holds hints of caramel and chocolate.The coffee is grown in an ecological sanctuary and UNESCO "Patrimony and Humanity" site as a sustainable resource of the island's people. As a result of this, the law strictly prohibits the importation or use of fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides or any other chemicals. The coffee is cultivated on the volcanic mountains of the island, where the trees receive a perfect balance of sunlight, rain and altitude. Learn More
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  9. Sumatran Tiger Mountain Coffee

    Sumatran Tiger Mountain Coffee

    This complex coffee is sourced from the Arinagata Cooperative, a collection serving 2,000+ small hold farmers who grow coffee in the Aceh rainforest at altitudes up to 5,500 feet. The co-op is an organic and Fairtrade certified Gayo Arabica coffee producer and exporter. The flavours in the cup are herbal, grapefruit, cherry, chocolate, walnut, white grape, vanilla, apricot and spice. It has a syrupy richness, exquisite flavour and the native volcanic soil gives it a rich, silky character. It is, deservedly, among the most famous coffees in the world. The Gayo 1 coffee varietal is unique to Indonesia. Learn More
    From £7.00

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