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Assam Tea

Assam Tea | Imperial Teas

This is the world's largest tea producing area but most of its very best teas are picked at only the height of the season in mid-June and amount to a tiny proportion of its very large crop. With most gardens turning to machine processed cut, tear and curl production, each year these hand made leaf teas are harder to find but well worth the search.

The best Assam tea is rich and malty with a great depth of flavour and aroma of juicy currants or raisins. The larger, tippy leaf teas tend to be smoother with broken leaf teas giving a darker, more brisk infusion. A traditional tea that is ideal with milk. Try it with sugar and its almost a pudding!

The Superior Breakfast Tea is among our bestsellers, whilst the Assam Dimakusi Super Strong packs a punch! Whatever your tastes, we hope you find the Assam tea that's perfect for you.

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  1. Assam Dimakusi Super Strong

    Assam Dimakusi Super Strong

    Our strongest tea is this 'cut, tear and curl' machine-processed Assam which is for our customers who like really dark, heavy tea. It has a doughy note to its aroma with a heavy and spicy taste. It brews very quickly and to a gloriously deep red colour. Established on 15th February 1900 under the Williamson Magor Co. Ltd., this estate owns a vast garden.

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    From £3.40

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  2. Assam Zaloni

    Assam Zaloni

    A very well tipped leaf for the price, with a brisk, full bodied infusion and some fine flowery notes. Learn More
    From £4.00

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  3. Superior Breakfast Tea

    Superior Breakfast Tea

    Chosen by the 'Independent' newspaper as the perfect breakfast tea, it is a hearty but smooth blend of garden Assam tea with lots of golden tips. Blended solely with quality in mind this traditional 'English' tea uses three different leaf styles to deliver a rounded cup with 'Superior' flavour, aroma and appearance. It is the only breakfast tea we offer, believing that no one would want to drink what could only be considered an 'inferior' breakfast tea! This is best appreciated with the addition of full cream milk using one rounded spoon per cup. Learn More
    From £5.00

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  4. Assam Mokalbari

    Assam Mokalbari

    Mokalbari is one of Assam's top gardens, producing teas with great body and aroma. This is no exception, yielding a complex infusion supported by a malty, rich body. 

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    From £6.00

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  5. Assam Decaffeinated

    Assam Decaffeinated Tea

    This decaffeinated-tea makes a very authentic cup of tea. Decaffeinated using the safe method of CO2, which also leaves more of the flavour quality in the leaf. Very acceptable on its own but my tip is to add just a few leaves of a very high quality tea to the mix, this improves the flavour significantly whilst adding little to the caffeine levels. Made with a good quality Assam large leaf and safely decaffeinated. Learn More
    From £7.00

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  6. Assam 'Summer Gold' Rani Garden

    Assam Rani Summer Gold

    This brews a beautiful cup of aromatic liquor offering a fresh smooth brew. The peak of summer picked leaves have a slender clean and even appearance. For those who consider tips as a sign of higher quality this one is a sure exception. This single malt is light in body, balanced in strength and flavor and mellow in briskness. It leaves a wet, thin creamy layer on the tongue. Although it can take milk it is almost unnecessary as there is hardly any pungency. If you want a light body and creamy liquor, this combines both these characteristics.

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    From £8.00

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  7. Assam Attabarie Gold

    Assam Attabarie Gold

    One of the prettiest looking and the finest tasting Assam teas of the year. This small batch of just 20kgs shows us that when selecting only the finest leaves and using exacting manufacturing techniques, Assam can produce teas to stand up to the finest Chinese and Taiwanese black teas. However, this manufacture is only done by special request. The many golden tips lend this tea a very smooth character that along with the malty, jammy fruit notes has a strong sweet-chocolate aroma.

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    From £12.00

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  8. Assam Nahorabi 'Gold'

    Assam Nahorabi Gold

    The definitive, malty Assam character and luscious body is epitomised in this exquisite tea, which is a rival for the title of 'Supreme' Assam. A beautiful leaf appearance with an abundance of fat, juicy golden buds.

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    From £13.00

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  9. Assam Mangalam Gold

    Assam Mangalam Gold

    This is consistently one of the four best gardens in Assam. Their production is second to none. Their best lots each year, though few in number will give a rich, ripe infusion with malty characteristics and fine body. The abundant golden tips help to add a spicy quality and give the liquor a golden ring around the top of the dark amber colour as the tea cools. An indicator of true quality when we evaluate teas in our tasting room. The Mangalam garden was founded in 1973 with the intention of producing the very best teas.

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