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Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea | Imperial Teas

We are becoming increasingly well known for our unrivalled range of famous China teas and have responded to your interest by importing special qualities seldom seen outside of China. These teas are picked on just a few days of the year and yield very small crops. In the past they were given as tributes to the Emperor. Given such a wide choice we understand how difficult it is to pick a tea you might like but if you know which type, dark or Pu Erh, black, green, Oolong, yellow or white you enjoy, we can safely say that all our range will appeal for their quality alone. So in making your decision why not be led by an intriguing name, our descriptions or ultimately by your pocket! As we can only obtain small quantities of the very rare teas, between one and ten kilos, they are available in sample size packets, which also allows inexpensive experimenting.

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  1. Sichuan Zao Bai Jian Spring Black Tea

    Sichuan Zao Bai Jian Spring Black Tea

    This is one of my favourite teas and one of the best black teas I have ever tasted. Even in the dry leaf, it has the wonderful aroma of chocolate covered Turkish Delight, more when infused and the taste reminds me of Bournvita, with its silky blend of real cocoa, malt and rose. The appearance of the fine, golden tipped, tightly twisted leaves is also an indication of the respect this tea has in China's tea market. Learn More

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  2. Yunnan Black Gold Black Tea

    Yunnan Black Gold Black Tea

    This tea's appearance, long golden buds in a blend shot through with dark, wiry leaves is beautiful but it is in the cup that this tea really shines. It is made by a tea master with the focus being on maximising the complexity of flavour. As well as all the usual spicy, peppery, subtle earthy notes and a sweetness in the finish, this batch has a very clear note of caramel that we love, with a warm honey flavour too. As you can tell, one of our favourite teas of the year. Learn More

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  3. Keemun Hao Ya

    Keemun Hao Ya

    One of the world's best black teas and one from our range with a deeply devoted following. It is deliciously complex in flavour with a rich liquor that makes it a perfect breakfast tea. This is Lion Mountain's finest offering, although only a very small quantity is made. It has a complex, smooth, malty flavour and golden infusion, with a beautifully handcrafted leaf. A superb tea that can take milk and makes a delightful afternoon drink. Hao Ya is one of China’s ‘Famous Ten’ teas. Learn More

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  4. Keemun Lion Mountain Black Tea

    Keemun Lion Mountain Black Tea

    This Keemun from the Lion Mountain in Anhui province to the west of Shanghai is the next highest grade after the Hao Ya teas. Its flavour is malty with a subtle hint of fruit and its famed aroma is compared to orchid, rose and chocolate, which is also evident in the infusion. A very reasonably priced tea for its high quality. Learn More
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