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Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea | Imperial Teas

We are becoming increasingly well known for our unrivalled range of famous China teas and have responded to your interest by importing special qualities seldom seen outside of China. These teas are picked on just a few days of the year and yield very small crops. In the past they were given as tributes to the Emperor. Given such a wide choice we understand how difficult it is to pick a tea you might like but if you know which type, dark or Pu Erh, black, green, Oolong, yellow or white you enjoy, we can safely say that all our range will appeal for their quality alone. So in making your decision why not be led by an intriguing name, our descriptions or ultimately by your pocket! As we can only obtain small quantities of the very rare teas, between one and ten kilos, they are available in sample size packets, which also allows inexpensive experimenting.

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  1. 500 Year Tea Tree Pu Erh Gam Fei Tea

    500 Year Tea Tree Pu Erh Gam Fei Tea

    This is a high grade of 'cooked' loose leaf Pu Erh, handmade entirely from leaves picked in 2010, from trees that are over 500 years old in the primaeval mountain forest of Yunnan. It is very smooth with a rich, distinctive infusion. It is a 'ripe' or 'shou' type. Learn More

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  2. Royal Jasmine Pu Erh Gam Fei Tea

    Royal Jasmine Pu Erh Gam Fei Tea

    This is a high grade of cooked loose leaf Pu Erh Gam Fei Cha from 2010, handmade entirely from young shoots and scented with jasmine blossom. It is perfect for jasmine and Pu Erh tea fans alike but is also an opportunity for a gentle introduction to the unique flavour of Gam Fei Cha for novices. Learn More

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  3. Tuo Cha Pu Erh Gam Fei Tea

    Tuo Cha Pu Erh Gam Fei Tea

    These little, compressed cakes are an easy way to make Pu Erh. Pressed into little moulds and left to ripen for over a year, they have the typical earthy, mossy, forest-floor Pu Erh flavour that has become so popular in recent years in the West. China has enjoyed it for many centuries! They are sometimes called Bird's Nests due to their appearance. Learn More
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