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Rest Of The World Tea

Kenyan tea, buy tea online, speciality teas | Imperial Teas

Typically good colouring liquors with medium bodied, lively infusion. Usually taken with milk. 1 spoon per person. Infuse for 3-4mins.

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  1. Kenya Kaproret

    Kenya Kaproret

    The King of African teas which has a medium-strong, slightly flowery flavour and shining orange cup. Learn More
    From £5.00

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  2. Kenya Marinyn

    Kenya Marinyn

    Very few Kenyan gardens produce ‘orthodox’ leaf teas and even fewer of quality. This is a broken but large leaf tea with a good coppery coloured, brisk, lively cup and refreshing bite. It has a full bodied liquor with a fresh, sweetish flavour. Learn More
    From £6.00

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  3. Tanzanian Rungwe

    Tanzanian Rungwe

    One of a few high quality teas produced in Tanzania taking advantage of good growing conditions. It is one of our strongest teas with a lovely red colour and a full bodied, spicy flavour that is an ideal milk and two sugars tea. Learn More
    From £5.00

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  4. Java Pasir Nangka

    Java Pasir Nangka

    A grand mountain tea from a country really known for its coffee. Most of Java’s production might be considered ordinary but this garden’s tea has a sparkling, refreshing infusion ideal for afternoon tea. It is elegant and flowery with a fruity, spicy character. Learn More
    From £6.50

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  5. Georgian Type

    Georgian Type

    This tea is blended from fine Chinese types to resemble the original Georgian tea which is no longer grown. It is a mild with a soft and light coloured cup, a tender taste with hints of spiciness and smoke. This tea is very popular in Russia where it is drunk with lots of sugar and a jam called Warenje. Learn More
    From £4.00

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  6. Sikkim Temi First Flush

    Sikkim Temi First Flush

    Very fine bouquet and flowery though rich liquor from a breathtaking garden that rivals the finest Darjeeling. Learn More
    From £10.00

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  7. Dooars Satali

    Dooars Satali

    Dooars strikes a balance in character between Darjeeling and Assam, golden in the cup with a round and flowery scent. Learn More
    From £6.80

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  8. Nepal Kanyam

    Nepal Kanyam

    A small plantation growing a prime quality, pleasantly mild tea with a soft infusion and a light, smoky sweetness. Learn More
    From £6.80

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  9. 'April Snow' Anji Bai Cha King

    Jeju Woojeon Korean Green Tea

    The glowing, bottle green cup has a rich scent with a fresh, grassy, sweet and almost hazelnut taste experience. This organically cultivated tea comes from the volcanic island of Jeju, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tea gardens have almost perfect conditions for producing high-quality tea, shrouded in cloud, a mild climate and mineral-rich soil. ‘Woojeon’ means "before it rains", because the harvest takes place before the spring rain sets in. Learn More
    From £15.00

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