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Gabalong Health Tea

Gabalong Health Tea | Imperial Teas

The special processing of this oolong tea raises the levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid up to 40 times that found in other high-quality teas. This is achieved by using nitrogen in the usual oxidation phase and is a lengthy and complicated process that takes over 24 hours. GABA is a very important neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. GABA is believed to have many health benefits, among which are:

LOWERING OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: GABA is known for its role in regulating blood pressure. It is important not to drink it if you suffer from clinically diagnosed low blood pressure known as hypotension.

ANTI-CANCER PROPERTIES: Helps in the prevention of cell mutation.

BOOSTING PRODUCTION OF HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE: Helps burn fat, enhance muscle mass, eliminate cellulite, improve energy levels, cardiac output, skin elasticity, memory, endurance, liver function and bone mass.

BOOSTS DEEP SLEEP: Taken one hour before bedtime it will help maintain sleep in the second cycle.

DE-STRESS: GABA is produced by the body to aid relaxation by blocking excessive nerve signals related to anxiety. Lack of GABA is linked to epilepsy, seizures and some diseases of the brain like Huntington's and Parkinson's.

BALANCES BLOOD SUGAR:  GABA lowers blood sugar by supporting and balancing the production of insulin, therefore, lowering the risk of diabetes.

BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Improves plasma concentration linked to resisting infection.

MENTAL ALERTNESS: In Japan, it is taken as part of the diet and is also given to children to stimulate mental alertness, improve memory and concentration.  It is a very good cure for a hangover!

Our Gabalong is made with high-quality tea to guarantee maximum GABA content, twice the requirement to be classified as such a tea.

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  1. Deer Valley Gabalong Oolong

    Deer Valley Gabalong Oolong

    This Gabalong oolong tea has almost twice as much GABA content than is required to be classified as Gaba tea. It has an incredibly rich flavour in the cup. Notes of caramel toffee are complemented by the ripe fruit flavours like cooked apples. There are also hints of chocolate and mountain flower notes that flicker in the cup as it cools. A healthy and delicious tea! Learn More
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