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White and Yellow Tea

White and Yellow Tea

White teas are even more delicate than green and some have higher quantities of antioxidants than most green teas. They are grown on a slightly different strain of bush and generally undergo less processing which can make them look slightly wilder than green tea.

Yellow tea is distinguished from green and white tea by its unique processing. This can take up to five days from it being picked and relies upon an instinctive feel by the tea master who processes it. This prevents the 'grassy' note found in green tea developing and produces a very mild, smooth infusion. The world's rarest tea, Jun Shan Golden Needles is the most famous Yellow variety.

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  1. Jun Shan Golden Needles (The World's Rarest Tea Type)

    Jun Shan Golden Needles (The World's Rarest Tea Type)

    This remarkable tea is picked on just one morning of the year before the Qing Ming festival. This is the rare 'Yellow' variety and should not be confused with the more widely available green Silver Needle from Jun Shan. When infused, the beverage is pale yellow in colour with a surprisingly rich taste and refreshing aroma. Since we began selling this tea in 1992 we have called it 'Silver Needles' but have recently changed it to 'Golden Needles' to better reflect its nature. It is grown on an island that rises out of Lake Dongting which, for four thousand years, has been thought to be the home of 'fairy like' creatures. Perhaps the mist that almost permanently shrouds Mount Jun has helped create this legend. It takes five days of unique processing to create the final product. One of the 'Famous Ten' Chinese teas. Exclusive to 'Imperial Teas of Lincoln' in the United Kingdom.

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  2. Yin Zhen White Crystal

    Yin Zhen White Crystal

    This rare and famous tea was first produced in 1796. It is extremely high in polyphenols, low in caffeine and has a light, subtle infusion. This is the finest of its kind and is made entirely of silvery buds covered in fine white hairs. It has been a challenge to find Yin Zhen this year, with adverse weather conditions adversely effecting the size of the already small crop. This tea has almost doubled in price in China and took much longer than usual to arrive, due to the floods in China. Our contacts in China however, always make sure we can offer some of the highest quality made and at a reasonable price. I have seen it selling elsewhere for £20 for 25g.

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  3. Captain Tea's Well-Being Blend

    Captain Tea's Well-Being Blend

    In addition to Fog Island Japanese Sencha and Chinese Pu Erh teas, which are currently being exposed to much ado in the press regarding their alleged benefits to weight loss, I have added my favourite, and I believe healthiest of teas, Gabalong 'Blue' Oolong. With the final addition of our Tea of Life White Tea for good measure, if there is anything in the health aspect of tea, we should have it covered here! The tea flavour is a mellow mix, with the distinctive note of caramel and vanilla of the Gabalong tea in the foreground. The delicate notes of the Sencha, whilst somewhat subdued by the other teas, adds a fresh edge to the cup, with the more earthy tones of the Pu Erh adding weight and body. Learn More

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  4. Fuchow Snow Buds

    Fuchow Snow Buds

    A perfect plucking and processing guarantees a stunning looking leaf and sweet, clean infusion. Like White Monkey this is grown on the 'Big White' strain of tea bush in the high mountains of Fujian. It is mellow with a pronounced aroma and flavour of chestnuts. Learn More

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