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Tea, high quality tea, green tea, black tea | Imperial Teas

Our range of tea is chosen from thousands of samples sent to us each year from the producing countries around the world. No speciality worthy of the name passes us by and often we are the exclusive stockists in this country, if not Europe, of the world's finest and most rare varieties. We now have a special relationship with growers and their agents in the country of origin and this gives us access to teas picked on as little as one morning of the year in the greatest tea gardens of the world and even teas that are grown only for us by special order. This also enables us to keep a good supply as demand for unusual teas has grown over the past ten years and there is fiercer competition for the limited stock. These rare teas are part of our range of over four hundred types. In offering so many, teas that standing on their own would seem like one of the most precious things in the world can slip by unnoticed. We urge you to be as experimental as possible and to take time to discover and enjoy the little gems gracing our shelves.

Tea cultivation is as complex, if not more so than wine producing, so it should not be a surprise to see so many varieties on offer. Great variation in quality and flavour exist, even from the same bush in the same garden! These variations are a result of many things such as climatic conditions, soil type, time of year, how the leaves are picked and as importantly, how they are processed. It is a perfect balance of nature and nurture. Despite this almost boundless choice, most of the tea drunk in this country is blended to remove these unique characteristics and provide a homogenised product where choice is limited to which shape of teabag you prefer! Although as a nation we are one of the largest tea consumers it is widely acknowledged that nearly all of the tea imported into Britain is of the poorest quality imaginable. For the past 25 years we are pleased, with your support and enthusiasm, to have played a small part in changing this.

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  1. Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder

    Matcha Ceremonial Green Tea Powder

    Matcha is a superpower amongst teas. This special green tea is derived from Gyokuro tea, whose name translates as ‘Precious Dew’ and is shaded with reed screens for twenty days prior to harvesting to block out the sun. This serves to increase the chlorophyll and amino acid content. It is this amino acid, called theanine, and a special processing technique that give Gyokuro its unique sweet flavour and intense aroma. The greater quantities of these ingredients also increase its health-giving properties over other green teas. Gyokuro teas are then used to make the ceremonial tea Matcha, which is painstakingly ground in a special mill to a fine powder for whisking. Packets sold at a 40g weight. Learn More

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  2. Colombia Bitaco Black Ruby Black Tea

    Colombia Bitaco Black Ruby Black Tea

    This high quality tea, known as Black Ruby, grows on La Cumbre, Valle del Cauca, situated in tropical western Colombia. This variety is a small tightly twisted leaf, which offers notes of cocoa, honey, sweet raisins and plum. The garden is reached by narrow, winding, dirt roads that lead to a subtropical cloud forest. The farm is entirely organic and each lot is bordered by wild forest, and great bio-diversity. Learn More

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  3. Dragon Scales Vietnam Green Tea

    Dragon Scales Vietnam Green Tea

    This tea is exceptional and exclusive. Made solely of buds from century-old tea trees in northern Vietnam, which are harvested by hand at an altitude of 2500m. The buds are spread on the ground to dry naturally in the sun, and slightly roasted and processed by tea master, Mr Menh. The infusion has fruity notes of lychee, apple, rose, blackcurrant leaf, the liquor is silky and sweet with an exquisite floral fragrance. The fat buds really do resemble a dragon’s scales! Learn More

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  4. Earl Grey Goji Berry Black Tea

    Earl Grey Goji Berry Black Tea

    Goji berry, allegedly a new 'superfood' has a flavour not dissimilar to black tea so it is ripe for use in a tea blend. The dried berries themselves have a hard to pin down flavour, notes of blueberry, cranberry, cherry and chocolate plus some almost herbal nuances spring to mind. This flavour proves to be a perfect foil for our natural oil of bergamot. Learn More

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  5. Fujian Black Rock Xi Xuan Black Tea

    Fujian Black Rock Xi Xuan Black Tea

    This black tea is a relative newcomer to the roster and is produced on an ‘oolong’ cultivar, meaning that it is a tea of great complexity, is strongly aromatic and very light in body. Whilst it does not produce dark liquor it is delicious taken with milk as well as black. The creaminess of milk combines with the naturally occurring flavour of honey and caramel that this tea possesses. Learn More

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  6. Georgia Wild Tea Tree Black Tea

    Georgia Wild Tea Tree Black Tea

    This very rare tea grows wild in the woods of Georgia, near the Mtirala National Park, just a few kilometres from the Black Sea. These hand-produced teas have the quality of some of the finest teas in the world grown in Taiwan and are similar in complexity. The soft, infusion almost without any bitterness has nuances of wild berry, maple, pine, malt, raisins, honey, cocoa, caramel, apple, chestnut and spice. The long, wiry matt black leaves also look like those of Taiwanese teas, the larger leaf size reflecting the fact they are produced on tea trees rather than bushes. Many of these tea trees were planted in the 19th century and until recently were not harvested. The rich forest soil, the surrounding trees offering shade mean that these wild trees produce naturally high quality material for artisan tea makers to express. Learn More

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  7. Japan Benifuuki Green Tea

    Japan Benifuuki Green Tea

    The flavour is intense, full of honey and floral notes with some cool, mentholated, mineral tones. The leaf has a flatly worked, rough, deep green appearance, a cloudy yellow cup colour and the taste profile presents a full body with sweetness and a nuance of ripe plums as an aftertaste. The tea is extremely high in methylated catechin content, up to 100 times higher than other types, which is claimed to help combat hay fever, eczema and other seasonal allergies. Learn More

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  8. Jenny's Blend Early Morning Black Tea

    Jenny's Blend Early Morning Black Tea

    Jenny’s favourite teas, which she brewed ceremonially every morning and drank from her favourite cup, long before anyone else was awake, were Keemun Hao Ya B and a big leaf, malty Assam from Mangalam. We’ve blended the two together to combine the pleasure she took from drinking them. Both teas have a rich body but are smooth; the notes of malt, molasses, orchid, chocolate and rose complement each other perfectly. Learn More

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  9. Magic Dragon Pearls Black Tea

    Magic Dragon Pearls Black Tea

    The leaves used to make Magic Dragon Pearls are from the highest-grade spring teas. The leaves are hand picked and hand rolled and made from the Huacha varietal. The liquor is smooth, rich and naturally sweet with subtle chocolate and raisin notes.. Learn More

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