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Our range of tea is chosen from thousands of samples sent to us each year from the producing countries around the world. No speciality worthy of the name passes us by and often we are the exclusive stockists in this country, if not Europe, of the world's finest and most rare varieties. We now have a special relationship with growers and their agents in the country of origin and this gives us access to teas picked on as little as one morning of the year in the greatest tea gardens of the world and even teas that are grown only for us by special order. This also enables us to keep a good supply as demand for unusual teas has grown over the past ten years and there is fiercer competition for the limited stock. These rare teas are part of our range of over four hundred types. In offering so many, teas that standing on their own would seem like one of the most precious things in the world can slip by unnoticed. We urge you to be as experimental as possible and to take time to discover and enjoy the little gems gracing our shelves.

Tea cultivation is as complex, if not more so than wine producing, so it should not be a surprise to see so many varieties on offer. Great variation in quality and flavour exist, even from the same bush in the same garden! These variations are a result of many things such as climatic conditions, soil type, time of year, how the leaves are picked and as importantly, how they are processed. It is a perfect balance of nature and nurture. Despite this almost boundless choice, most of the tea drunk in this country is blended to remove these unique characteristics and provide a homogenised product where choice is limited to which shape of teabag you prefer! Although as a nation we are one of the largest tea consumers it is widely acknowledged that nearly all of the tea imported into Britain is of the poorest quality imaginable. For the past 22 years we are pleased, with your support and enthusiasm, to have played a small part in changing this.

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  1. Valentine Breakfast Tea

    Valentine Breakfast Tea

    Blended with breakfast in bed in mind. The smooth, strong blend is rich in the cup with subtle notes of cocoa and the merest hint of rose. I'm sure this will appeal long after Valentine's day as an ideal blend for those who like just a twist of the exotic to their traditional tea. 

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    £7.00 per 100g

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  2. Love Dedication Flowering Tea

    Love Dedication Flowering Tea

    This flowering tea is composed of a lovely lily, a thousand day flower and a jasmine blossom contained in the shape of a heart.

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    £16.00 per 100g

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  3. Geisha Tea

    Geisha Tea

    A blend of finest Fog Island Sencha and rose petals, scented with Mandarin and Rose. Believed to maintain beautiful skin. Learn More
    £24.00 per 100g

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  4. Chitsu Pingcha Pu Erh 360g

    Chitsu Pingcha Pu Erh 360g

    A discus shaped cake of fermented Pu Erh leaves with a distinctive earthy taste and dark red infusion. This variety is aged for five years.

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  5. Fog Island Sencha

    Fog Island Sencha

    This very high quality tea is grown on volcanic ground on the island Kyushu belonging to the prefecture Kagoshima in the south of Japan. The area is called Kirishima which means island of fog. The lustrous green of the leaf, rich fragrance and sweet , almost spicy flavour are characteristics of this high quality Sencha, which is a special blend of teas grown on Kureshina. It has much in common with the illustrious Gyokuro tea from Japan, in that it is also shaded with black cloth for a part of its cultivation to increase the chlorophyll content. It is one of, if not the most distinctive of all Japanese Sencha teas and whilst not cheap I believe it offers the same quality as teas four times its price. I'm very glad to have it back in stock. Learn More
    £23.00 per 100g As low as: £8.00

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  6. Darjeeling Puttabong Moondrops

    Darjeeling Puttabong Moondrops

    This small lot of 16kgs was made for us using bushes grown from a special clone in a tiny portion of this distinguished garden. Its exceptionally complex flavour reminding me of blackcurrant bushes, mango, stewed apricot and muscatel wine, with a mild almond, cashew like fragrance. It is complemented by the beautiful hand twisted leaf. The second of just the two completely handmade teas of 2014, of which we have both. This estate overlooks the mighty Kanchenjunga at 7000ft. Learn More
    £29.00 per 100g

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  7. Kukicha Karigane 'Wild Goose'

    Kukicha Karigane 'Wild Goose'

    Kuki is the Japanese word for stick. 'Wild Goose' is translated as Karigane in Japan. This means that the tea is made with the stems of the famous 'Gyokuro' tea. This refers to the fact that this tea is made up of the stems, which remain after the production of Sencha and Bancha tea, and leaf. The result is a tea both low in caffeine and mild in character. It is mildly nutty, and has a slightly creamy, sweet flavor. Learn More
    £12.00 per 100g As low as: £8.00

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  8. Tamaryokucha Curly Tea

    Tamaryokucha Curly Tea

    This Japanese green tea is grown on volcanic ground on the island Kyushu, in the Kagoshima prefecture in the south of Japan. The are is called Kirishima, which means island of Fog. The tea gets its special flavour from being pan roasted. It is tangy, berry-like, with an almond aftertaste and a deep aroma with tones of citrus, grass, and berries. 'Tama' means jewelled, coiled ball, Ryoku-Cha, green tea. This refers to its special, almost comma like shape. Sometimes it is also known as 'Guri Cha', after a Japanese decorative pattern. Learn More
    £17.00 per 100g As low as: £8.00

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  9. Christmas Tea Blend

    Christmas Tea Blend

    A fragrance which captures the run up to Christmas, a heart warming flavour and a visual feast of flowers and festive berries make this our best selling seasonal treat. It is sold in its distinctive 200g packet or any amount of different decorative tins. Learn More

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